Vampire mermaid

Medium: Photoshop
This is the vampire mermaid, originally designed for the Game Developer's Club at UMBC in 2006 - I came back to the concept and realized I still really liked it, but that it needed to be redrawn. At first glance, with her hair obscuring her face, she might look like a normal mermaid. She choses to approach sailors at night when they might not be observant to her sharp fingernails and spiked tail fin. When they lean in closer to get a better look, she pulls them underwater and sucks out their blood and flesh with rows of terrifying, razor-sharp teeth.

I was inspired by one of the female undead faces in World of Warcraft (the one with the leather straps), sharks, and traditional paintings of mermaids. The idea of a vampire mermaid seemed so insane to me that I had to jump on the challenge of designing one.