Light Guard model

Maya: Modeling. Photoshop: Texturing. ZBrush: Sculpting. Mudbox: Beauty shot. Gamebryo: Engine.

A character I brought from concept to completion, as well as a link to the in-game demo. (warning: sound)

You may have seen her in my concept section. The light guard was made for my senior thesis project at UMBC. She is agile, and wears the least armor (and has the lowest HP) of all the classes. She uses a mid-range pistol with the least damage, but she's able to sneak and maneuver into places that the other guards cannot. The Light Guard is also the fastest-moving class in the demo.

I encountered some hilarious issues with ZBrush on the Mac side. The export process for normal maps apparently changed between Windows and Mac for 3.1. They took out the Zmapper plugin.

I was art lead for the second half of the project, and made it my goal to keep communication open and direct team members to the most experienced person in a particular field if there were blocking issues. I worked with a team of five artists and three programmers, as well as an audio student.