Jumper Concepts

I'm working on Jumper this semester with seven other students. It is an FPS game set around 15-20 years in the future and based on the premise that you have the ability to take over the bodies and abilities of others. We have three guards; a heavy, medium, and light. The heavy is very armored and slow, excelling in close range with a shot gun. The medium is a long-range character, mostly armored around the core, but not as much on extremities. He is armed with a grenade launcher. Eye and ear protection is very important for him! The light character is least armored of all, but can move the fastest. She excels at evasion and accuracy, and is a midranged pistol user.

I tried to make my concepts futuristic, but not so far in the future that they'd be using laser guns. My idea was to give the characters similar materials, but adjust the shapes and colors so they would have very distinctive silhouettes. The heavy has huge shoulders, the medium is more or less a straight line, and the light has streamlined, hour-glass shape. I was planning for each character to have desaturated colors with colorful accents unique to each class. The first two images are some concepts I liked for the heavy and medium guards, and the last images are for the light (which I will be modeling). I made several variations on her armor, but these are some that I liked best.

I'm finding great value in starting out with several silhouettes and whittling down ideas from there; I don't get too attached to any one idea as a result!