Looter Boss, Light Guard

What I did: Looter boss texture, staff of wisdom model, uv, and texture, light guard texture
Medium: 3D Studio Max (model), Zbrush 3 (base texture), Photoshop (texture/concept)
Additional credits: Walt Carter (looter boss model, light guard model), Mike Phillips (concept, spider logo)

I textured the looter boss, modeled/textured his staff, and textured the light guard for Breakaway games. What helped was using Zbrush to get the basic colors down, then using Photoshop to refine the texture further. This was my first time modeling anything somewhat complicated in 3D Studio Max- that bird's feet were tricky! Walt Carter created the looter boss and light guard model, and I followed Mike Phillip's concept for color guidelines. The light guard was an earlier assignment, and I think I ended up getting much faster the second time around. I also found out how to use Zbrush to generate a quick shadow (kind of like an occulsion map).